felice cohen

author and granddaughter

Felice has published over 100 opinion columns and articles in amNew York, the New York Daily News, and Metro (New York, Boston and Philadelphia editions). Many of her columns were picked up by jewishworldreview.com. She has published stories in two anthologies: “The Truth About the Fact” and “For Daddy, With Love,” and is also writing a personal memoir Crushed, a chapter of which won the Bronx Writers Chapter One competition while another chapter was recently published.


In addition to writing, Felice is also a professional organizer. In 2011, almost 4 million people around the world watched a video of her 90 square foot apartment on YouTube. All that publicity helped introduce Papa to many readers! With the overwhelming feedback, Felice created another Facebook fan page with tips on organizing and learning how to live a simpler and more organized life.

murray schwartzbaum

survivor and grandfather

One of six children, Murray Schwartzbaum was born in Szczekociny, Poland in 1921. When he was sixteen he began a five-year quest in surviving the Holocaust. Loyal son, sibling, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, he has lived his life as a practicing Jew with an unrelenting commitment to family. Murray now lives in Florida with his wife Tosia and continues to keep alive the spirits of his family from the ashes of Nazi Germany. Says Murray, “I did it my way. I’m not a youngster. I wouldn’t die young. I did the best I can.”

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